Singapore Mee Siam


  • 1 jar Woh Hup Mee Siam Paste
    3 jars water (510ml)
    300g rice vermicelli (blanched & drained)
    200g medium-sized prawns (cooked, shelled & de-veined)
    3 hard-boiled eggs (halved)
    100g bean sprouts (blanched & drained)
    1 pc fried bean curd (cut into small pieces)
    Chinese Chives to garnish (cut into small pieces)
    Lime (optional: halved


    • Add Woh Hup Mee Siam Paste to water or stock and cook with stirring till done.
    • To serve, pour Mee Siam soup over vermicelli and garnish with Chinese chives, bean sprouts, prawns, fried bean curds, eggs and lime.