Our Story

From a small noodle house in Chinatown back in 1936, founder Chou Yeng Lan’s entrepreneurial efforts have flourished into today’s Woh Hup with a successful global distribution network of over 25 countries.

Chou arrived in Singapore (then Nanyang) from China in the early 1920s, setting up a noodle shop in New Bridge Road. With thriving business and customers requesting dry noodles to bring home to share, Chou went to Hong Kong, learnt from the masters and built a charcoal kiln to dry noodles on his return. Soon he expanded into a factory at Everton Road to pack his famous dry noodles.

Ahead of his time, Chou endeavoured to create his own seasoning sauces for his specialty dry noodles. He also realised there was a current void in the market as cooks and other local noodle sellers were all using imported sauces from Hong Kong. Hence, he poured efforts into this new enterprise with the help of the food preservation and sauce-making experts he brought in. Important local restaurants soon welcomed the quality sauces he produced, leading to the business’s incorporation as Woh Hup Noodle House (Pte) Ltd in 1971 and Chou establishing its first sauce factory in Jalan Senang.

Chou shifted his business focus wholly to sauces manufacturing in 1972 and that same year, his son, Chou Tong Wai, took over the family business. Carrying on his father’s legacy, he continued the elder Chou’s commitment and dedication to fine sauces manufacturing. By 1980s, Woh Hup was the largest oyster sauce manufacturing company in Singapore.

Through the next few decades, the company’s success at many levels attracted attention from investors and private equity groups. Notably in 2015, Fung Group, a multinational trading group based in Hong Kong and Asia, acquired Woh Hup Food Industries through Fung Investments. Today, Woh Hup has built a reputation in sauces manufacturing for markets in India, England, Australia, the Middle East, Malaysia and of course, Singapore. Energised with a revamped identity and underpinned by the same unwavering philosophy since inception, Woh Hup is poised to bring even more quality food products to the homes of consumers worldwide and enable Asian cuisine to be easily mastered by one and all.