Tofu Fish Roll


  • 300g fish fillet,
    1 piece of tofu,
    40g pine mushroom,
    ½ carrot,
    10g spinach,
    2 stalks of spring onion,
    1 egg,
    100ml of water,
    pinch of cornstarch



    • Cut fillet into long slices and soak with salt water. Beat egg in a bowl and set aside.
    • Rinse carrots, pine mushrooms, spinach and spring onions. Skin carrots and cut into strips. Blanch spring onions for later use.
    • Cut spinach into sections and blend into juice with water. Strain juice for later use.
    • Remove tofu, wash and cut into thick pieces before placing into a steamer.
    • Place carrot strips and pine mushrooms atop fish slices, roll up and tie with spring onions, dip fish roll base with egg and place atop tofu. Steam for 8 minutes and remove.
    • Gravy: Heat up oil in a pan, pour in steam fish stock, scallop stock and spinach juice. Bring to boil, thickened with cornstarch water and pour over tofu fish roll. Serve.