Lemon with Honey Sea Coconut Ice Cream


  • 100ml Woh Hup Lemon Sauce
    200ml fresh milk
    240ml fresh cream
    2 tbsp smoothie powder
    50g fine sugar
    30ml hot water
    50g honey sea coconut, shredded


    • Mix hot water with smoothie powder and sugar.
    • Stir in Woh Hup Lemon Sauce into fresh milk and mix well. Add in smoothie mixture and blend well. Set aside.
    • Pour fresh cream into mixer and beat on high speed until cream thickens.
    • Fold in smoothie mixture into thickened cream and mix well.
    • Pour mixture into an ice-cream maker and freeze for about 2½ hours.
    • Loosen the half set ice-cream by stirring with a spoon or spatula and freeze it for another 3 hours until ice-cream sets.
    • Scoop ice-cream into serving bowls, and garnish with honey sea coconut